Stage 1 - Justice vs Dynasty

Despite my initial thoughts that the Justice would be able to sneak a match win against the Dynasty (3-3), they weren't able to pull off the upset.

Main thought regarding the game this week:

  • Janus is now the main focus every teamfight. Teams have zeroed in on his tendecy to be overly-aggressive and he pays for it constantly.

As Week 4 comes to a close, the Justice are sitting at 0-5, 2nd to last in the standings1. It's been a rough Stage 1 as the team is still gelling learning to play with one another. I'm still optimistic that they'll be able to pull off atleast 1 match win in their double-header Stage 1 finale against the Paris Eternal (2-2) and Florida Mayhem (1-4).

  1. The Los Angeles Valiant finished Stage 1 with a 0-7 record and a -9 map differential. The Justice can finish 19th of 20 if they can maintain a -10 or higher map differential.